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Hey everyone and welcome to my lair.

You want to know what I believe? I believe anything is possible, that you can achieve a goal no matter how high.

That the world impossible is not a word, that red velvet cupcakes and cookies are a necessity. And that rambling, dreaming, and achieving are three things that get people success in this world.

I am currently on my first, yet to be edited draft of a novel I crafted that I am very passionate about: Obsessed.

You might hear more about it later. And it is over a 100,000 words, at least the word-count machine in microsoft word tells me so.

I love many tv-shows, including Smallville, Chuck, Nikita, and White Collar. I enjoy making characters, shipping TV couples, like Damon and Elena, Tess and Oliver, Michael and Nikita, Chuck and Sarah, etc, and writing fanfiction about my favorite couples on TV.

Quote of the Month

"Please tell me you didn't waste all that jet fuel to come down here and deliver me a lecture."--Oliver Queen

Friday, April 6, 2012

Character Naming Lists: A break from my script

Do you have a super secret list of character names for future use kept under your bed or in a closet, maybe even hidden in a word doc? I do.

It's something I like to keep on hand.

It's how I eventually decided on the names Dana Reeves and Carter Hampton.

An excerpt of my list of first names:








Last names:




What's your list and what does it involve?


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Script Frenzy Days 3 and 4: Hunger GAMES AWAITS

Wondering, searching, hoping, for a water source. No going for the weapons, I have to find water. WATER, rushing, water is nearing, I can hear it, loud and echoing. I search along the path on foot, eventually wander towards a bubbling brook of water.

I fill my canteen, once, twice, three times and wait thirty minutes as a I purify it with iodine before drinking. Eurika. Then a big, hulking tribute from District 4 carrying a sledge arrow rushes forward, aiming for my head, and I duck numbly, throwing myself into the water. I'm drowning in my own screams...I'm gonna die...

 Then the screen turns blank, I return to the couch, nestled next my dog, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

Day 3 and 4 and I have a page count of 20 pages! GO ME! I'm 4 ahead for tomorrow!

Game change is going great.

Best of luck to all who do Script Frenzy!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Script Frenzy Day 2: Relaxation is for Dummies

Ever wondered why people relax after getting ahead of their goals? That has now been answered: they aren't thinking. 

I may be ahead by four pages, but if I can't get in another four, I'll fall behind when math homework crushes me at my weakest. 

So...what do you do? When relaxation comes, you keep up writing your script and throw it back in your inner editor's evil, demonic, cruelly laughing face, with a triumphant scream.

Four pages will be completed...

 On scriptbuddy.com, if I can figure out how to put it into PDF form without paying 15 dollars and .50 cents.

Anyway back to the drawing board.

Back to the jungle.

Back to finding a water source.

As Effie Trinket said in Hunger Games, "May the odds be ever in your favor." 


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Script Frenzy Day 1: My Journey through the Jungle

I'm roaming the jungle. My only tools are the clothes on my back, a pocket-knife, and a half-full canteen of water. I have to get to higher ground, the thieves are catching up with me. I break into a run, hurrying, and my foot catches a tree root. 

I'm stumbling, tripping over my feet, and I pitch forward. There's no light, all I see is blackness. I sense my imminent death, and...the script stops. 

 I'm back in my own chair, writing. That is where I have been, typing out my script as fast as I possibly can for the past two hours.

My goal for Script Frenzy is every screnzy's goal: 100 pages.

My current page number of my script for Day 1: 10 pages.

I now have a day and a half of rest ahead of me, after I finish my math homework, my science homework.

Go me!

Keep writing for anyone who has a script in mind as we keep working towards a hundred pages.

Your very own-tiger-tamer, (not true by the way in case your wondering),