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Hey everyone and welcome to my lair.

You want to know what I believe? I believe anything is possible, that you can achieve a goal no matter how high.

That the world impossible is not a word, that red velvet cupcakes and cookies are a necessity. And that rambling, dreaming, and achieving are three things that get people success in this world.

I am currently on my first, yet to be edited draft of a novel I crafted that I am very passionate about: Obsessed.

You might hear more about it later. And it is over a 100,000 words, at least the word-count machine in microsoft word tells me so.

I love many tv-shows, including Smallville, Chuck, Nikita, and White Collar. I enjoy making characters, shipping TV couples, like Damon and Elena, Tess and Oliver, Michael and Nikita, Chuck and Sarah, etc, and writing fanfiction about my favorite couples on TV.

Quote of the Month

"Please tell me you didn't waste all that jet fuel to come down here and deliver me a lecture."--Oliver Queen

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Greetings, bitches!

I heard that off a T.V. show yesterday and it just called to me.  To anyone who still reads this blog, it's 2014 and I am back.

What has 2014 been like?

Honestly, it's a blue Thursday. I've been depressed, struggling with the ACT, I lost my best friend, J, to boys. 

And yes, I know that girls like boys and boys like girls, but when all you want is to spend a little time with her, she rejects you in favor of guys, what can you do...but feel a little bit hurt, rejected?

On a brighter note, this is my first real attempt at writing again. I've been quite struggling to read or write lately, much less get up off the couch. 

I now own two lovely, beautiful dachshunds, in addition to my dog, Snickers, also a dachshund. Their names are Peanut and Butter, they are 5 and they love me.

I am still not over this gorgeous guy I've been crushing over for a like a year now. It's inappropriate, not my place to feel this way, because of work reasons, but I do.

I'm fighting it, it's working, but its still a struggle, especially when half the time all I can do, is put my foot in my mouth, try not to stutter.

Yet, losing my best friend to a few bad boyfriends, the bottle, has made me realize that I can incorporate all this in my story, Obsessed and repurpose it like I've done for the last six years. 

Maybe 2014 is my year to shine.

Luck to all.

I will start updating this again. 


Live long and prosper as SPOCK would say.