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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting a Job Part 1: The Phone Call

For everyone who has every applied for a job online, I'm sure you know how "fun" that is, seeing as once you find your information to put on it, you have to wait a ton of time to get what some would consider "the almighty call". 

Or as I like to call it "the phone call" that ties to my imminent soda/ high school survival. Because I need money for Doctor Pepper and it is expensive. Like 7 dollars plus tax for 20 cans that will be gone in less than a week.

So I applied for my favorite Movie Theater about ten to fifteen minutes from my house, The Megaplex.

It's really  a nice theater with comfy, cushioned seats that recline slightly back, just enough that you can enjoy the movie, as long as you sit in the backrow. Also, if no one is sitting behind you, you can rest your feet on the chair next to some poor unsuspecting bystander's head.

And their concessions, totally unreasonable in prices. But the bonus for going there and buying the 11 dollar cup plus tax? 

1 dollar drinks, with no tax! In a frickin' awesome machine that has dozens of sprite and fanta flavors ranging from regular orange or lemon lime sprite to strawberry and pina colada!

But that's beside the point. So it's Tuesday, right? I'm sitting at home, on the computer, typing up my outline for Nanowrimo and listening to my music. Mainly, Three Days Grace's new album, Transit of  Venus (which rocks by the way! My favorite songs are: Time that Remains, Give me a reason and Anonymous). 

And suddenly my mom answers her cellphone, because she insisted I put her number down cuz I'm bound to lose my cellphone. So she gets this odd look on her face, says something I can't hear and then whispers to me, "Emily, it's for you!"

I take the phone from her fingers and answer cautiously, "Hello?" 

Because I never know if I'm talking to our friend, Courtney Ricks, or one of my grandparents. 

And then I hear a woman's voice on the end of the other line, I think her name was Jeanette, say, "Is this Emily Olsen?"


"This is the Megaplex. On your application you said you can work afternoon's monday to friday. Can you work Sunday's?"

"Absolutely," I replied, and I thought my heart was gonna drop to my stomach, and I was gonna keel over from a heart attack.

But this was a problem for me because every sunday I have no choice but to go to church from 11 am to 2pm.  And my parents strongly disapprove of me working Sunday's. But if I said no, then like my brother, I'd have no chance at the job.

"Could you work from the afternoons to closing time?"

"Of course."

Another problem? I get home at 2:40 from the bus, and closing time doesn't start and end until 11pm.  My parents couldn't pick me up to take me home that late every night. 

She said something I didn't hear, and then said, "We're having interviews while students are on Fallbreak. I can get you in on Monday. They're from 9-12. What would work best for you?"
"What?" I asked her. "Could you repeat that. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you."
She repeated the question and I held the phone to my chest and look at my mom, panicked. 

"What time would work best for an interview?" I practically hissed at her. 

Mom looked at me, and said, "It's your interview. You pick a time."

"But what would work best on a monday?" I implored her, desperately not wanting to keep the woman possibly becoming my future employer, waiting.

"1o?" Mom suggested.

I mouthed thanks, and hurriedly picked up the phone, my heart thundering in my chest. "Would ten am work for you?"
"How about 10:10?" the woman on the other line, suggested. 

"Sounds great."
She then proceeded to tell me where to arrive for the Megaplex to get to the interview and said, something like see you Monday.

I replied, "Thank you!" and hung up.

Now I have an interview for Monday the 15th, 10:10 pm.

Any tips or suggestions?

Emily Lane

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