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Hey everyone and welcome to my lair.

You want to know what I believe? I believe anything is possible, that you can achieve a goal no matter how high.

That the world impossible is not a word, that red velvet cupcakes and cookies are a necessity. And that rambling, dreaming, and achieving are three things that get people success in this world.

I am currently on my first, yet to be edited draft of a novel I crafted that I am very passionate about: Obsessed.

You might hear more about it later. And it is over a 100,000 words, at least the word-count machine in microsoft word tells me so.

I love many tv-shows, including Smallville, Chuck, Nikita, and White Collar. I enjoy making characters, shipping TV couples, like Damon and Elena, Tess and Oliver, Michael and Nikita, Chuck and Sarah, etc, and writing fanfiction about my favorite couples on TV.

Quote of the Month

"Please tell me you didn't waste all that jet fuel to come down here and deliver me a lecture."--Oliver Queen

Monday, March 5, 2012

March: The Way Only Pots of Gold Can....

Make you wish March Leprechauns were real! Right? That'd pay my way through college for sure. Oh well. Too bad too sad, I'm over it.

Tommorrow is Tuesday, the day of the explore test, which I've already TAKEN, and I have to STAY in one class room, for THREE hours, to take a test, and then and only then CAN I EAT MY LUNCH!

I wish I could chuck that stupid pamphlet of rules at the back of the principals very shiny, bald head. (IF only he really were bald) then it'd be so easy to get away with that, right?

Anyway, I was inspired by another round of YOUTUBE videos for the segment of the week: Henry the Dachshund round two.

ENJOY the cute little daschund wagging his tail for balls, spaghetti, peanut butter and various others who aren't Henry the puppy that will MAKE you laugh and cry and be happy in general!




Henry unwillingly takes a bath! Yikes, watch out people, Henry the FEARLESS WILL SPLASH you.



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