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Hey everyone and welcome to my lair.

You want to know what I believe? I believe anything is possible, that you can achieve a goal no matter how high.

That the world impossible is not a word, that red velvet cupcakes and cookies are a necessity. And that rambling, dreaming, and achieving are three things that get people success in this world.

I am currently on my first, yet to be edited draft of a novel I crafted that I am very passionate about: Obsessed.

You might hear more about it later. And it is over a 100,000 words, at least the word-count machine in microsoft word tells me so.

I love many tv-shows, including Smallville, Chuck, Nikita, and White Collar. I enjoy making characters, shipping TV couples, like Damon and Elena, Tess and Oliver, Michael and Nikita, Chuck and Sarah, etc, and writing fanfiction about my favorite couples on TV.

Quote of the Month

"Please tell me you didn't waste all that jet fuel to come down here and deliver me a lecture."--Oliver Queen

Monday, February 20, 2012

Early Road Trip Wed. #2

What words do you absolutely hate? Which ones do you adore?

I absolutely hate the words impossible, because nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. I also hate the words, fickle, fate, destiny, and love. Why you ask? As Lana Lang quoted, "Our destiny isn't written in some book. We write it ourselves everyday!"

Fate doesn't happen. Destiny, we shape our destinies ourselves. Love, comes when the time is right, and sometimes, people never find it at all. True love isn't real. Optimistic, right? No, I'm being realistic, here. 

Words I adore are: Dog, catastrophic, cataclysmic, Rhodesian Ridge-back, cookie, writing. Why? I love dogs, and my dog, Snickers is my best friend. I love how big catastrophic and cataclysmic are. I ADORE how fun-loving, sweet, and awesome Rhodesian Ridge-back, Harley, is. 

Cookie was easier than pie, everyone needs a cookie and a glass of milk every once and a while. And as for writing, I want to be an author someday, and anyone can write if they put their mind to it.

Happy President's day.


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